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To the Returned Girls

Posted in Franklin Pierce Adams with tags , , on 05/09/2005 by Magica de Spell

Will you read my little pome,
O you girls returnéd home
From a summertime of sport
At the Jolliest Resort,
From a Heated Term of joys
Far from urban dust and noise?

You I speak to in this rhyme,
You have had a Glorious Time
Swimming, golfing, bridging, dancing,
Riding, tennising, romancing,
On the springboard, on the raft —
You’ve been often photographed.

At the place you have forsaken,
You have had some pictures taken,
Pictures taken of you dancing,
Riding, tennising, romancing,
Swimming, golfing, and reclining;
Snacking, luncheoning, and dining.

Cometh now my brief advice;
Ladies, be ye ne’er so nice,
Be ye ne’er so fascinating,
Luring, drawing, captivating,
If with interest you’d imbue us,
Do not show those pictures to us!

Snapshots of the links and lawn
Cause in many of us a yawn;
(As for me myself, why, I’m
Glad to see ’em any time)
But — I give it to you square —
Lots of people do not care.

Franklin Pierce Adams (1881-1960)

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