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Portrait d’une Femme

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Amedeo Modigliani - Portrait of Jeanne Hebuterne (1917)

Amedeo Modigliani – Portrait de Jeanne Hebuterne (1917)

Your mind and you are our Sargasso Sea,

London has swept about you this score years

And bright ships left you this or that in fee:

Ideas, old gossip, oddments of all things,

Strange spars of knowledge and dimmed wares of price.

Great minds have sought you — lacking someone else.

You have been second always. Tragical?

No. You preferred it to the usual thing:

One dull man, dulling and uxorious,

One average mind — with one thought less, each year.

Oh, you are patient, I have seen you sit

Hours, where something might have floated up.

And now you pay one. Yes, you richly pay.

You are a person of some interest, one comes to you

And takes strange gain away:

Trophies fished up; some curious suggestion;

Fact that leads nowhere; and a tale for two,

Pregnant with mandrakes, or with something else

That might prove useful and yet never proves,

That never fits a corner or shows use,

Or finds its hour upon the loom of days:

The tarnished, gaudy, wonderful old work;

Idols and ambergris and rare inlays,

These are your riches, your great store; and yet

For all this sea-hoard of deciduous things,

Strange woods half sodden, and new brighter stuff:

In the slow float of differing light and deep,

No! there is nothing! In the whole and all,

Nothing that’s quite your own.

Yet this is you.

Ezra Loomis Pound


Η ταυτότητά μου

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Μόλις σήμερα έμαθα από έναν ερασιτέχνη κηπουρό, την ύπαρξη αυτού του κήπου για «απροσάρμοστα» λουλούδια.
Ερχομαι ήδη σήμερα να τον επισκεφτώ για πρώτη φορά, με στολή εργασίας.
Τα ποιήματα που αγαπώ. Τα ποιήματα που καθόρίζουν την αντίληψη που έχω για την τέχνη ως μοναδική και αδιαφιλονίκητη πραγματικότητα.
Εχω την ελπίδα, οτι κάποιοι άνθρωποι που ίσως τυχαία επισκεφτούν το μοναχικό μου blog ίσως διακρίνουν μέσα στο σκοτάδι μια γραμμή θεϊκού φωτός. Αυτή τη γραμμή της τέχνης που πάνω της ακροβατούν σαν μόρια σκόνης οι μικρές ψυχές μας.

Καλως σας βρίσκω, φωνάζω, αν και νοιώθω, ξέρω οτι μπαίνω σε ένα άδειο δωμάτιο.
Σε ένα άδειο κήπο.

The Garden

En robe de parade.

Like a skein of loose silk blown against a wall
She walks by the railing of a path in Kensington Gardens,
And she is dying piece-meal
of a sort of emotional anemia.

And round about there is a rabble
Of the filthy, sturdy, unkillable infants of the very poor.
They shall inherit the earth.

In her is the end of breeding.
Her boredom is exquisite and excessive.

She would like some one to speak to her,
And is almost afraid that I
will commit that indiscretion.

Ezra Pound